Awards Committee
Chair: Bruce H. Price, MD
Co-Chair: Robert Stern, PhD

Bylaws Committee
Chair: John J. Campbell, MD, FANPA

Committee on Research

Chair: Valerie Voon, MD

Vice Chair: Simon Ducharme, MD

Education Committee
Chair: Robin A. Hurley, MD, FANPA
Vice Chair: Deborah Black, MD, FANPA

Membership Committee
Chair: Margo Lauterbach, MD
Vice Chair: Jay Salpekar, MD

Member-in-Training and Early Career Committee
Chair: Shawn Smyth, MD

Online Experience Committee

Chair: Matthew E. Peters, MD

Program Committee
Chair: Kaloyan S. Tanev, MD

Public Affairs Committee
Chair: David A. Silbersweig, MD
Standards and Ethics Committee
Chair: Anthony Weiss, MD



Global Health Initiative Task Force
Chair: Richard Ferrell, MD

Training Task Force
Co-Chair: Sheldon Benjamin, MD, FANPA
Co-Chair: David B. Arciniegas, MD, FANPA


Liaison to the British Neuropsychiatric Association 
Chair: Fred Ovsiew, MD, FANPA

Interested in joining a Committee?

The process is simple and easy! Use the Member Directory to send a message to the Committee chair describing your interest and how you would like to contribute. 


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